Purpose and Perspective is a thoughtfully curated platform for the conscious reader seeking a deeper connection to themselves, the world and the things that surround them. We are a guide to those looking to make purposeful choices in their lives as they relate to style.  We highlight the people, places and things that speak to a digitally immersed culture that simultaneously prioritizes artisanal, couture, bespoke, sustainable and experiential, without ever compromising good taste and luxury. Mindful consumption is the modern way to live a stylish lifestyle and the ultimate luxury.


“We are a guide to those looking to make purposeful choices in their lives as they relate to style…”


Founded by Elizabeth Cabral, a fashion editor and consultant with fifteen years of industry experience. Elizabeth set out on a journey to find a new perspective and purpose to her work. What was initially supposed to be a passion project on the side, organically and beautifully became a fully engaging, inspiring and all consuming outlet. The name says it all, Purpose and Perspective. Elizabeth wanted to have critical conversations with passionate people about purposeful things. She wanted to take people to a place where it wasn’t about infinite choice, but a better choice when it came to the content and things they consumed. Purpose and Perspective does not claim to be perfect or know everything about these critical topics, it’s a journey of discovery and learning for us as much as it is for our readers. But we do feel that now, more than ever, it’s time to at least start these conversations. Buy better, buy less, be connected to the beautiful things that you choose to surround yourself with, and be mindful of your and their impact on our world. 



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Brittany Adams, Alewya Demmisse, Paloma Elsesser, Aurora James, Jun Lu, Shayne Laverdiere, Tara Lamont Diitje, Annie Leibovitz, Monique Pean, Emily Ramshaw, Christopher Sherman, David Suzuki, Erik Tanner, Guinevere Van Seenus, Aleece Wilson, Liisa Winkler, Dries Van Noten.