“We are a guide to those looking to make purposeful choices in their lives as they relate to style…”

PURPOSE AND PERSPECTIVE was born out of a necessity for purposeful engagement and discussion in the world of style. As we witness a revolution of social and personal consciousness, we are founded on the belief that our industry’s place is at the forefront of innovation and inspiration.

We have created a platform in which iconoclastic and visionary individuals and brands engage with readers through a journey of discovery and mindful consumption. Empowering sustainable movements, we advocate for diversity inclusion and emphasize the importance of timelessness and craft. Our photographic and literary stories demonstrate that the new luxury is to be connected to the beautiful things that we choose to surround ourselves with and be mindful of their impact on our world.

PARTNERSHIPS. Our partnerships are defined by purpose-driven content, experiences and a commitment to create a symbiotic relationship with our community. We believe in forging meaningful connections for our partners and communicating their philosophical value system through charitable associations.


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Brittany Adams, Alewya Demmisse, Paloma Elsesser, Aurora James, Jun Lu, Shayne Laverdiere, Tara Lamont Diitje, Annie Leibovitz, Monique Pean, Emily Ramshaw, Christopher Sherman, David Suzuki, Erik Tanner, Guinevere Van Seenus, Aleece Wilson, Liisa Winkler, Dries Van Noten.